Members of the research group


 – Juan Francisco Fuentes Aragonés, Full Professor of Modern History(Complutense of Madrid University); Member of the Academic Board of the Cátedra de Comunicación José Ortega y Gasset, Fundación José Ortega y Gasset/Facultad de Ciencias de la Información de la Universidad Complutense; Member of the Academic Boards of the journals Historia Constitucional, Cuadernos de Historia Contemporanea, and Historia y Politica; Member of the Comisión Interministerial para la Conmemoración del Segundo Centenario de la Guerra de la Independencia (2008); and Visiting Scholar at Harvard University and Fellow of the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard (2006 and 2008).


Eva Botella Ordinas, Ramón y Cajal Research Scholar-Professor of Early Modern History (Autónoma of Madrid University), Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute (2004-2005), Visiting scholar at Harvard University and Fellow of the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard (2006-2007), Fellow of the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington d.c. (2007), Fellow of the Atlantic Seminar of Bernard Bailyn at harvard University (2007), Fellow of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University (2008), and Faculty of the Bing Overseas Program of Stanford University at Madrid (2008 and 2009).


Javier Fernández Sebastián, Full Professor of History of Thought and of the Social and Political Movements (University of País Vasco); Member of the Editorial Board of the following journals: Revista de Estudios Politicos, Historia Constitucional, Bulletin d’Histoire Contemporaine de l’Espagne (CNRS, France), Melanges de la Casa de Velazquez, Revista Brasileira de Estudos de Dereito,Contributions to the History of Concepts, and Res Publica; General Editor of the textbook series Textos Clasicos del Pensamiento Politico y Social en el Pais Vasco (UPV University Press); Member of the Junta Superior de Archivos (Public Record Office Commitee) Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities, Spain (2001- 2005); Member of the Executive Committee of the HPSCG (History of Political and Social Concepts Group); Member of the Seminario de Historia Constitucional “Martinez Marina” (Universidad de Oviedo); Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Institute for the Study of the 18th Century “Xavier María de Munibe”; Coordinator of the International Forum Ibero-ideas, of the Ibero-American Network of Political-Conceptual and Intellectual History; Visiting Scholar at Cambridge University (2008).

 Josep María Fradera, Full Professor of History (Pompeu-Fabra University) Member of the International Research Network Imperial Transitions and Transformations directed by Professors Alfred W. McCoy and Francisco Scarano; Member of the European Union funded Research Network COST36 on Tax-System Empires directed by Professor C.A. Bayly (Cambridge University) and Professor Peter F. Bang (Saxo Institute/Copenhagen); director of several international committees on empires; Visiting Scholar/Visiting Professor at Harvard University (1997 and 2000), Princeton University (1987-88 and 2007), and New York University (2004).

 -Octavio Ruiz-Manjón Cabeza, Full Professor of Modern History (Complutense of Madrid University); Chair of the Department of Modern History of the Complutense University of Madrid; Corresponding Academic of the Royal Academy of History of Spain (position founded in 1770); Visiting scholar at Harvard University and Fellow of the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard (2003).

  – María Antonia Fernández Jiménez, Professor of Modern History (Complutense of Madrid University).

Florentino Rodao García, Professor of Modern History and History of JournalismMicronesian Area Research Center ,University of Guam (1991); Member of the Advisory Boards of the journals of Portuguese-Japanese Studies Bulletin(2003, 2005 and 2006), Pilipinas. A Journal of Philippine Studies (2005-2007), Revista Espanola del Pacifico (1991-2002) and Boletin de la Asociacion Espanola de Orientalistas (1989-90); Honorary Member of Asociacion Espanola de Estudios del Pacifico ; Fellow of the Salzburg Seminar. Session 384 “Asian Economies: Regional and Global Relationships”. (2000); Spanish Representative Member of the International Board of Philippine Studies Conferences ; Visiting Fellow of University of Tokio (2002-2003 and 2005); Research Fellow of the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS). Australian National University (ANU), (2000); Visiting Scholar at Harvard University and Fellow of the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University (2008-2009).

– Margarita Márquez Padorno, Professor of Modern History and History Journalism (Complutense of Madrid University), Member of the Academic Board and Professor of the Master on Political Communication of Georgetown University/José Ortega y Gasset Foundation; Member of the Jury of the Master on Regional Integration of Georgetown University/José Ortega y Gasset Foundation; Managing Editor of the newspaper El Imparcial; Visiting Scholar at Georgetown University (2008)

José Antonio Sánchez Román, Professor of Modern History and History of Journalism (Complutense of Madrid University); Review editor for America Latina en la Historia Economica Revista Agraria,and Travesia; Co-Chair of the Elites Network of the European Social Science and History; Visiting Researcher at the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina (1996); Visiting Researcher at Universidad Nacional del Centro (Argentina) (1997); Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London (Great Britain) (1997); Fulbright/MECD Scholar at Ohio State University (2003-2005); Visiting Researcher at the Instituto Emilio Ravignani of the Universty of Buenos Aires (2002, 2004, 2006); Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Latin American Studies, Columbia University (2009).

 -Antonio Terrasa Lozano, PhD student of the European University Institute, Florence (Doctor, 2009). PhD title: Patrimonios aristocraticos y fronteras. juridico- politicas en la Monarquia Catolica: los pleitos de la Casa de Pastrana en el siglo XVII.

 – Regina Martínez Idarreta, PhD student of Communication at Complutense of Madrid University and Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset, on the use of language at the Basque politics. Visiting researcher at Georgetown University (2009).

About atlanticempires

ATLANTIC EMPIRES (Æ) is the short name of a group of advanced research in Modern History hosted and financed by Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University (RCC). The complete name of the group is From Empire to Nation: The Making of Modern Nations in the Crisis of the Atlantic Empires (17th-20th Centuries), which constitutes also the field of its research. The group will be working at Real Colegio Complutense from July 1 thru August 31, 2010. Throughout this period, Æ will develop its research project and present its first findings and results in a set of seminars and panels, some of them with the contribution of other specialists and groups of research. Also, Æ will host three extraordinary conferences at RCC, given by Prof. J. Varela Ortega (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Fundación Ortega y Gasset, Madrid), Prof. David Armitage (Harvard University), and Prof. Stanley Payne (University of Wisconsin-Madison). Æ benefits from the financial support of Banco Santander. Æ is composed by eleven researchers: Juan Francisco Fuentes (director), Eva Botella (coordinator), Octavio Ruiz-Manjón, Josep Maria Fradera, Javier Fernández Sebastián, José Antonio Sánchez Román, María Antonia Fernández, Margarita Márquez, Antonio Terrasa, Florentino Rodao and Regina Martínez (grant holder and responsible of the blog).
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